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LIVE Cues, the easiest & most effective way of managing Sound Cue tracks for entertainers!
Imagine having your entire show A/V in your pocket… Imagine not having to rely on sound techs or DJ’s to not ruin your show anymore.. Welcome to LIVE Cues, the easiest A/V cueing system available!
LIVE Cues was specifically designed for entertainers & their unique needs & can be run from either your phone.
Carrying CD’s around will be a thing of the past as you pre-load your show tracks into your tablet or phone once, & you can arrange them as you wish. LIVE Cues is laid out in a visual format in the style of popular sound effect devices used for stage. There is no “Skip” required as all tracks are visible at all times.
LIVE Cues not only co-ordinates your audio cues perfectly, & individually, but with LIVE Cues Tablet version, you can also play video out to TV’s or projectors, & cue the video in the correct spot in your line-up/playlist.
LIVE Cues Android Phone features:
* Assign any track in any order
* Save your track list/playlist
* Set LOOP automatically to certain tracks, or hit LOOP on the fly
* Individual track volume pre-sets
* Master Volume control
* Sound Effect buttons to allow a sound effect to play OVER a currently playing track. Great for laughter, applause, etc.
* Auto-cue to next track
* Swipe feature for ongoing playlists
* Remote control mode from phone to tablet to completely eradicate sound techs
* Messaging from Tablet to Remote (Phone) for Operator to performer messaging
* Fade & Fade duration setting – up to 10 seconds
* Cross Fade
* Load/Save Playlists
* Disable incoming phone calls
* Insert/Remove track – to avoid having to individually reassign each button when changes are made.

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